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Yes, We Love Forms!

You read it right, we love forms! Why?

Well, have you ever played Chinese whispers?

If so, then you would know that there are many people involved in receiving information verbally and the original message is usually different to what the second and last person interpret. The message can also have no connection at all to what was initially said. Well, this and walking a maze with a blindfold on are no different to the communication transference in Strata.

To most people, forms may seem cumbersome and annoying however, for a council to consider anything at all, every correspondence must be in writing. Forms really ensure that your strata council and manager have the right information the first time around. This eliminates needless toing-and -froing of emails between everyone and helps avoid miscommunication. No more Chinese whispers!

At the end of the day you will be thankful that you only spent 3 minutes completing a form and attaching photos rather than days of going back and forth. You can now have your maintenance item or complaint resolved much quicker.

The ability for all parties to receive and act upon requests in a prompt and efficient manner has a positive flow on effect, emotionally AND financially. 

Don't believe me? imagine this. 

It's a Friday afternoon. The sun is out and you just want to shoot off an email for your maintenance issue to get resolved next week and enjoy your weekend. Something stops you. You remember you've read an awesome blog post telling you NOT TO DO THAT! 

You fill out your form instead. 

Your request is understood. 

You breathe a sigh of relief, ahhhh. Your weekend is now freed up knowing Monday morning you won't have to send a billion more emails. 

Your strata council is now able to consider and understand your request.

They can then create a clear and succinct work order and send to the RIGHT tradesman the FIRST time around! Money saved ✔

This results in less cost and time spent by your strata company of which you are an owner. 

Ta da!! You are now a happy strata member.

So next time you think err form, just remember, a detailed form with a photo should result in the most prompt resolution... and happy reacts only.  

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