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Are you interested in giving back to the community while helping the environment?

By now, you have probably heard about the containers for change initiative, whereas specific eligible containers are worth a 10-cent refund when you deposit at specific depots or drop-off points. Don’t have time for the above but still want to help out?

Why not partner with Scouts WA?

A scheme we manage in South Perth has just become the first apartment block to partner with Scouts WA Recycling. They provide a full logistic service with the option of shared or 100% charitable gift to the organisation.

Does this sound like something that could be implemented in your scheme? How does it work?

Once registered, Scouts will provide a bin in either of 2 sizes, depending on the number of residents or available bin space. Scouts then advise setting your bin pick-up frequency to ‘on-call’. This way, you can call them when the bin is 85-90% full, and they will be there within a couple of days to pick it up and drop off a clean bin. Residents can deposit the eligible containers in the bin instead of wasting them.

Please get in touch with Jess at our office if you want to find out more -

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