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Check out this Testimonial from a Happy Client!

Liz and our team just received this awesome testimonial from a new and very happy client. We are always happy to help people who want to be helped. We find the best value we can offer anyone in the Strata-Sphere is educating. There is a big hole in the Strata-Sphere and we want to fill it in!

"As a relative newcomer to the world of strata management, I was at my wits’ end trying to encourage my fellow owners to start communicating and taking responsibility for our property. The situation I came into was close to apathy, with the only response being to throw more money into strata fees as a reactive measure, without constructive input into the maintenance (let alone improvement) of the property. Part of the problem lay with the existing strata manager (who did not operate like Liz at all), so (together with another owner) I drove an undercurrent of change to start afresh and employ a new strata manager to get us back on track.

Enter Abode, in the form of Liz Florence and her team. From the moment I met Liz, I was taken by her industry knowledge and felt reassured of her ability to get things done in an efficient, confident and practical manner. What is even more impressive is Liz’s generosity: she educates and guides … she doesn’t dictate. I still have a long way to go, but now have a better understanding of what’s involved. For example, Liz explained the differences between regular strata fees vs. special purposes levies, as well as important factors around debt recovery and protecting yourselves against owners who do not pay up in a timely manner.

Liz knew that I was quite anxious (bordering on emotional) about our recent AGM, but she managed the owners and agenda beautifully and we got through it with the desired results in a no-nonsense, businesslike manner.

Managing one’s home – the biggest asset of our lives – can be stressful and emotive. Therefore, I am truly grateful to Liz for her calm and efficient guidance and look forward to working with the Abode team long into the future."

*Note: I wrote "relative newcomer" because my last home (16 years) is a triplex and a dream to run, because of the separate driveways and only shared fences, so no meetings - just the annual insurance payment.

Thanks again!"

If you need some help better understanding Strata please don't be afraid to contact us! We love to offer our valuable knowledge to educate everyone in the Strata-Sphere!

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