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Green Dream for your Strata Scheme

By Cathy Galli

Did you know that having no trees and no shade in your strata complex can impact human health and increase energy and water costs?


Recent research looks specifically at the impacts of climate change in Perth. As Strata Managers, Council of Owners, Investors, and Property Developers, we have a fiduciary duty to consider the impacts of decisions and actions. Factors to consider in your decision-making should be:


What impact will this have on tree canopy cover? Can this be avoided or are there other ways to mitigate impacts?

What will be the corresponding Heat Island Effect on the property? This could raise ambient outside temperatures by 14°C.

How much will we save in maintenance versus impacts on human health, the visual amenities of the property, and changes in energy and water costs?

What alternatives are there?

  Do you know what the impacts on human health could be?


Decreased mental health

Increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Increased risk of respiratory disease – asthma, sleep apnoea, interstitial lung disease and other restrictive lung disease

Neurological disorders

Increased prevalence of infectious disease

Impacts on water quality



So, before you cut down a tree or remove a hedge, think about what the alternatives are. What are the consequences of doing this? Are there innovative and simple solutions to retain the greenery around the scheme?



Teasdale, N. and Panegyres, PK. (2023). Climate change in Western Australia and its impact on human health. Accessed: 6 Feb 2024: Climate change in Western Australia and its impact on human health - ScienceDirect


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About the author – Cathy Galli is an environmental and social governance professional with knowledge of climate. She is the Chair of a Strata Scheme managed by Abode Strata.

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