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Living In Your Strata Community

Living in a strata property is more than living in close proximity to others; it is living in a community, a live community.

These communities allow people to live in close proximity to one another, and as such the right in doing so allows peaceful and private enjoyment for all occupiers.

Peaceful enjoyment is your right and also your responsibility as an owner and occupier.

Everyone must take responsibility for their own actions and for the well-being of all fellow residents and their guests, and in doing so a greater community spirit and sense of belonging is achieved

Please remember to;

Preserve the peaceful enjoyment of your community

Respect the rights of all neighbours right to peaceful enjoyment at all times

Observe and respect the by laws and rules of your community

Maintain a safe and secure living environment

Identify, report and communicate any problems as and when they arise

Share and enjoy the spirit of your community

Exercise respect for all residents and their guests

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