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Preparing for Winter

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Perth Winters are relatively cool and wet. Temperatures range between 8-19°C. This is when most storms occur, where downpours can be very heavy with strong winds and thunderstorms. Autumn is the time to prepare the property to minimise any damage which may occur during winter.

Gutter Cleaning

Once the leaves have fallen from the deciduous trees, this is the time to have a professional gutter and downpipe clean carried out. If your strata boundaries are to the internal surfaces, then the strata company should instruct the Strata Manager to schedule a clean. This will ensure that when the heavy rains arrive, the gutters and downpipes perform as intended and channel water off the roof and into soakwells. A build-up of leaf litter in the gutters can cause stormwater to back up and flood back into the eaves, so a timely gutter clean is highly recommended.

Roof Maintenance

If you have noticed any water staining on ceilings or water ingress, there may likely be a roof issue. A broken roof tile or some pointing that has come away is easily fixed. It should be attended to ahead of winter to minimise further damage during winter storms.


All garden irrigation systems must be turned off between June 1st to August 31st annually. This is a requirement and applies to all scheme and bore water users in Perth, Mandurah, and parts of the South West. Non-compliance can result in a $100 fine per offence, so ensure that the control box is set to "off" during this period.

Garden Maintenance

A good garden clean up ahead of winter is always recommended. Clearing away fallen leaf litter will help with keeping any drains and soakwells running freely. Pruning trees so that any heavy limbs are cut back or removed will help limit any storm damage. Trees should be pruned well clear of power lines and the building.


Winter is an ideal time to plant any new shrubs, ground cover or trees. The abundance of water and cooler temperatures allows for plants to establish themselves ahead of the hot weather which will follow. Many local shires offer a free tree planting service for verge trees, with the ability to choose the species, but orders generally must be made before the end of March. This can be put on an agenda so the Strata Company can discuss it at a Strata Company meeting. Foliage is excellent for providing shade, making the air temperature feel cooler for occupants, and beautifying the grounds.


Stormwater runoff must be contained within the scheme boundary and therefore, it is essential the soakwells are sufficient and that they are cleared so that they are ready to handle the volume of water which we receive over winter. If you have sinking pavers around your soakwells, this is an indication that sand has leached into the soakwell void, limiting its water capacity, and also presenting a trip hazard. This problem can be rectified, so please ensure you notify the Council of the Strata Company so that they can instruct us to have the issue resolved.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools should be readied for the Winter months. A "Pool Closed" sign should be displayed. A pool tech may recommend using a Winteriser (Algicide) product, limiting the algae accumulating during the months when the pool is not in use. Any pool heating should be turned to the "Winter" setting to avoid wasting common power.

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