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Property IQ - A guide to the owners portal

Property IQ has a sophisticated portal for one designated owner. Once logged in, you can...

  • View your Levy Statement and retrieve previous ones for any year

  • Raise service requests logged with your Strata Manager

  • Receive electronic notices

  • Strata Councils can have the option to receive live financials at anytime

  • View and download the following:

  1. AGM notices/copies of minutes

  2. Your Strata Plan

  3. Strata Company By-Laws/Management Statement

  4. Strata Company Policies

  5. Application Forms

  6. Strata Insurance Certificate of Currency

It has the ability to house absolutely any information that you feel is relevant to your strata. We believe that this portal is the key to seeing that your scheme is provided the best opportunity to be a well-managed and harmonious community.

We believe that by utilising the latest software systems, we can educate and empower all owners and alleviate mistrust that can occur due to a lack of shared information.

As an owner of a strata property, you will receive a login and password. We action this for every new owner automatically, once the settlement is advised. To access the information on the website, owners will need to log in using their personal Login ID and Password. When you first log in, we recommend you change your password and update your personal profile. You can also set your communication preferences.

If you have forgotten your details, your username is your email and you can click forgot password via the following link

If you are keen to learn more about how the portal can help you, there is a guide that can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

If this still doesn't work or you have any questions about any of this, you can email us at

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