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Schindlers NBN and Lift Telephones FAQ's

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network.

The NBN installation will affect the operation of lift emergency phones, fire alarm panels, back to base security systems, medical alert systems and landline phones in many Australian buildings.

The information below answers many frequently asked questions regarding the NBN and provides information on what steps are required to ensure a successful transition to the NBN. 

How will the NBN affect my lift?

In many cases existing infrastructure for lift emergency phones, fire alarm panels, back to base security systems, medical alert systems and landline phones can no longer be relied upon in such situations once the NBN has been connected.

For lift emergency phones which have been registered with NBN Co, an extension period will be granted until July 2017, or 18 months after NBN connection (whichever is the latter).

Schindler are currently testing compliant solutions and will have several compatible solutions available in the near future. 

Unlike the previous copper network, the NBN does not guarantee continuity of service during a power outage.

What do I need to do to prepare for NBN?

Visit the NBN Co Fire and Lift Register and register your lift emergency phone.

This will ensure that NBN Co is aware that your phone line is being used as a lift emergency phone and that NBN Co will provide a temporary deferral of the disconnection date.

Do I need to change my current lift emergency phone?

In most cases existing lift emergency phones will not operate reliably in NBN connected premises. Contact Schindler to discuss the requirements of lifts in your building.

How long do I have until I need to update my lift emergency phone?

NBN Co have allowed a transition period of 18months from the time of NBN connection to the disconnection of the copper network.

Who is liable for the new equipment and service charges?

Unless otherwise stated, the owner of the lift is responsible for all modifications, upgrades and service charges associated with lift hardware.

Other providers are already offering NBN lift emergency phone solutions.

Many of the solutions that are currently available do not meet proposed changes to building legislation.

We do not claim to have written or own this article. This is owned and written by Schindler Group

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