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So, How Do We Actually Change Strata Managers?

In May 2020 the legislation that governs strata companies and strata managers required that all managers update their management agreements prior to November 2020. Therefore a lot of contracts currently renew around this time in 2023. Alternatively maybe your Strata Manager never actually updated their agreement and if it was signed prior to May 2020 then it may be invalid!

There is fundamentally a major lack of education and information in our industry. So we thought we would just provide you some information on how to change strata managers.

1. Decision to change: Changing your strata manager doesn't require an AGM. It's a majority decision of the council at any time (unless you have a specific bylaw otherwise).

2. Review the current contract:

Check if your strata management contract is valid. If it was signed before May 2020, it might be invalid. Here are some more reasons why it might be invalid - Section 145 Strata Management Minimum Requirements - Strata Titles Act WA

3. If you have a valid contract: If your contract is valid, review it for possible notice periods and termination options i.e. mutual consent.

4. If you have an invalid contract: The council of owners simply email your Strata manager advising them you believe the contract is invalid and on what grounds. i.e. expired/expiring, unfulfillment of services, here are some more grounds - Section 151 Termination of a Strata Management Contract – Strata Titles Act

6. Handover: Email the outgoing Strata Manager with your incoming Strata Manager whom can organize everything else from here, including the handover, setting up accounts, and arranging the next AGM!

For more information and resources, feel free to explore our Strata Source information library. It's a valuable and free resource to help you manage your strata community effectively.

We hope this simplified guide makes the process of changing your strata manager easier for you. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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