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How to deal with dumped and unwanted goods?

Its spring cleaning and the time has come to finally remove that old TV cabinet you have been meaning to for the last 8 months.

Although you’re excited to finally let it go, this does not mean that the “one mans trash is another’s man’s treasure” policy exists by leaving it in bin areas or common property. Although it may be out of site and out of mind, how will this affect other residents around you? Do they have the right to move the items back into your space or other areas? Not only can this undesirably affect your neighbours, but by doing so, it will lead a negative example on the community and may result in your common areas evolving into a communal dumping ground with clutter and being used for the wrong reasons.

Dumped items are also a great attraction for burglers!

Normal bin services do not collect unwanted goods. If occupants no longer require objects, rather than dumping, we suggest posting on Buy Nothing pages or Gumtree for free. Items that we see incorrectly disposed of can sometimes be sold for cash, so why not try marketplaces such as Facebook Market Place or Gumtree!

So what can we do?

Ways that may assist with reducing these situations from occurring within your property are providing signage indicating that unwanted items cannot be stored within the common areas, providing resources to residents that contain contact details for possible removalists of items and locations such as local council tips. If you are aware of the owner to the abandoned item, providing a disposal notice can be appropriate. Outlining necessary notice that this item has been inappropriately disposed of and penalties may incur if no action is taken.

As a strata community, it is important to remember the respect of our neighbours and the common space we all use collectively. If you do know who has left unwanted items or goods in common areas, please advise Abode Strata so that we can deal with the situation appropriately.

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