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How you can reduce the risk of Termites invading your home!

A guide on how you can reduce the risk of termites invading your home!!

  • Keep on top of all leaky taps, hose lines and water heater repairs inside and outside your home

  • Make sure all water from air conditioner unit and down pipes redirect away from the house

  • Keep gutters and drains clean and clear

  • Try and avert fixing any wooden exterior walls

  • Keep leafage at bay – away from house foundations

  • Keep woodchips/mulch away from outside of the house

  • If storing firewood keep outside and off of the ground away from the outside of the house. Keep all wood away from soil

  • Keep yard clear of stray leaves, branches and wood

  • For extra precaution you can have a Termite Barrier Installed on your property by a professional

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